Annoucement of the workshop “General education program – from vision to reality” (11/2015)


In the framework of the project namely "Communication cooperation which contributes  to improve economic policy", with fianancial investment of Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development in Canada ( DFATD) and an approval of administration, the Center for Research on Development Communication (RED) is holding the evaluation workshop for the General Eduaction Project Draft namely “General education program – from vision to reality”.

General Education Program, known as General Program has been prepared and implemented at a very early stage, right after the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (2011), particularly the Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW dated November 4, 2013 on fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education, serving industrialisation and modernisation in a socialist-oriented market economy during international integration ratified at the XI Party Central Committee's 8th session.

General Education Program has been composed, discussed, edited many times during the last three years, with the direct participation of scientists, educational research staffs, lecturers, high-school teachers of international as well as national agencies and organizations.

The workshop has participation of a composing agency and project appraisal agency; experts in educational management; representatives of school in general education system; universities; education research academies of Vietnam; representatives of Homeschooling group based on Vietnam and stakeholders in educational field.

During a process of researching and surveying the project, however, many challenges have been raised by RED’s expert group, which need to be clarified. Currently, the composing commitee has been still received precious opinion contribution for this significant project.

Please kindly treat this announcement as our invitation to you for recommending result of analysis.

Time: 5th November, 2015 (01 day)

Location: 4th floor hall, The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), 53 Nguyen Du, Hanoi.

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Ms Truong My Linh – Program Assistant

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Dealine: 08:00’ am, on Wednesday 5th November, 2015

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