Press Release of Group of Civil Society Organizations about environment promoting child’s participation on policy (04/2017)


One of four principles in The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Vietnam participated in 1990, is to respect children’ opinions. Article 12 on CRC regulate “ States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.”

Therefore, CRC determines that children have right to express their opinions in all matters affecting the child. So, child' opinions need to be heard, involved and recorded. 

In Vietnam, the child’ participation is a cross-cutting criterion in Child Law in 2016 and is regulated specifically in Chapter 5 in “Children Involving Children's Issues."

Besides government agencies, WE – Civil Society Organizations are also accompanying and promoting child’s participation in child’ issues, in society and country. So, to our mission completed well, 


- Self-awareness, professional qualifications, ethics;

- Strengthen consultation and technical assistance to the Government on issues related to children;

- Strengthen participation in monitoring and evaluation the quality of children's participation;

- Promote good initiatives models of child participation;

- Build and consolidate the network of children activities and sharing experiences;

- Coordinate with families, Government agencies, traditional education agencies, etc, in order to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory school for children to express their own views.


Government agency:

- Listen and respond to the child's ideas and implement them appropriately.

- Create a frank, two-way, positive exchange area for both children and social organizations supporting them to give views in the policy-making process.

- Raise awareness of official government about the involvement of children; Especially, officials in communes and wards.

- Establish monitoring and evaluation system activities relating children and recognize this monitoring and independent evaluation;

- Publicize, illumine and use effectively funds for activities involving children;

- Coordinate, empower and transfer public services involving children to social organizations;

Social Center:

- Facilitate, encourage as exchange organizations to listen to the opinions of children;

- Encourage, facilitate for children to self-manage, maintain extra-curricular activities;

- Improve staff’ work capacity about children’s participation;

- Enhance connect with family, guardian of the child (parent, teacher, social protection worker)

- Apply positive educational methods to promote the participation of children;

- Associate with social organizations in programs and activities to ensure the best benefits for the child.


- Self-improve knowledge and capacity to promote a safe family environment, encouraging children to express their opinions;

- Provide appropriate information to children;

- Provide guidance, support, encouragement, listening to children’ opinions;

- Spend time and love children, grandchildren;

- Support and coordinate with social organization to create a safe environment, encourage children to express their opinions, and participate in associations/groups/clubs or set up their own.

And some principles with other organizations such as Media Agency, Youth union - the voice representative of the child.

The collaborate between other sides as a state agency, family, educational institution, media, CSOs, and community.

List of CSOs contributing ideas:

- Research and Communication Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD)

- Save the Children International in Vietnam

- Vietnam Association for Protection of Child’s Right

- SOS Children's Villages

- Non-government Organization – Information Centre

- Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI)

- Action to the Community Development Centre 

- Centre for Research on Development Communication (RED Communication)

- Support Center Community Sustainable Development Mountainous Peoples in Yen Bai (Sudecom)

- Health and Communication Development Centre

- Sustainable Research and Development Centre

- Institute of Social and Medical Studies

- Tan Minh single women’s cooperative

- Oh Beautiful club

- Other personals