Feedback after Talkshow named “Enhancing Policy Content in the Press” (11/2016)

On November, 30th, 2016, in the framework of the project "Media Partnerships for Improved Economic Policies", RED organized Talkshow: “Enhancing Policy Content in the Press” in Hanoi. A large number of journalists organization participated in and reported about the talk show.

In a story named “Many policymakers are afraid of contacting with the press” in Quality Online Newspaper. This newspaper quoted sharing of Tran Thanh Hai – Deputy Director of Import-Export Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade that journalist had needed to have an objective view and put yourself in the position of policymaker when having reported. Policymaker also hoped journalist to reflect the truth. Otherwise, journalist expected the cooperation and friendliness from journalist to provide more information.

Also mentioning to this issue, Knowledge Online Newspaper, belonging to The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, had a piece: “Why are policy-makers afraid of contacting with the press?”. This news had given the objective and subjective reasons for this issue.

With a group of businesses, Economy and Forecast Online had a story “Many businesses have still avoided contacting with journalist”.

Same topic with Economy and Forecast Online, Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper posted an article “The risk from the press increases the cost of business”.

The word of Mr. Dau Anh Tuan was quoted in an article titled “Enhancing Policy Content in the Press” in an Economic editorial board, Vietnam News Agency. He considered that business and journalism were an important partner of each other. Journalist needed information, and business needed forum to share their plan. Both sides worked for a common goal for the better development of society.

 About the importance of journalism in communicating policy information to the public, Nhan Dan Online Newspaper had an article “Journalism is an important channel in disseminating ideas, drafting policies”. The article wrote every editorial office also had a policy and priority in bringing information related to policy out; especially, policies that had a great impact on the target audience of the newspaper. Vietnamese Youth Online Magazine agreed with the viewpoint of Nhan Dan Online Newspaper and posted a story titled “Journalism is an important channel in disseminating ideas, draft policies, and law to a large extent.”

It is also said that the media is an important channel for disseminating ideas and drafting policies and laws on a large scale. Vietnamese Youth Electronic Magazine has the article: "Newspapers are an important channel for disseminating ideas and drafts, policy and law on a large scale". The paper argues that the media can serve as a forum for multidimensional exchanges on policy drafts, legislation between businesses, between businesses and genders, and the mobilization of social intelligence into the construction process. Making economic policies and laws. Getting opinions on economic policies and laws is not just a matter of finding some opinions of some enterprises, units or individuals on the drafts.