Training “Results-based Management” (RBM) and Report writing skill (09/2017)

From 17th to 19th on October 2017, RED organized the training course named “Results-based Management” (RBM), for RED’ staffs and close collaborators in “ Journalist – Policy and Development” group, guided by 2 lectures: Mr. Koen Toonen and Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung.


The training course focused on 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and supported knowledge and necessary skills to ensure project success. The content of course followed the project cycle: Policy setting – Identification – Formulation appraisal – Contracting commitment – Implementation – Final Evaluation – Report.


We also could not ignore the relevant techniques such as KPI (Key Performance Indicator), PCM (Project Cycle Management), MSC (Most Significant Change), CSF (Critical Success Factor), etc. 


After 3 days of the training course in open and enthusiastic environment with many practice exercises, games and groups discussion, nearly 20 participants not only understood what results-based management was but also recognized the importance of this course in making, implementing the project in general and in the project serving Sustainable Development Goals in Vietnam in particular.