What is RED?

RED is a non-government organization working in the field of development communication

Why it is called RED?

RED stands for Research on Development Communication

Where is RED's office?

RED is located at 48B, Trang Thi street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam

What is communication for development?

It is not to deliver news, but to use communication as a means to boost social development. Its goal is change of behaviour, not just providing information.

How is RED structured?

RED is structured with a board, a managing director, and staff, which include administrator, an accountant, a researcher and a project officer.

Who are RED's partners?

RED's partner include international donors, NGOs, government organizations and enterprises working in communication field, as well as journalists and experts in different areas.

Does RED belong to any organization/union?

RED belongs to Vietnam's Union of Science and Technology Asscociations (VUSTA)

Why does RED belong to VUSTA?

Because RED's researchers and projects in communication are also considered social science.

What are RED's strategic fields?

- Media rights

- Voice of CSOs

- Promoting the engagement of citizen in advocacy communication

Where is RED's fund from?

- Founders' contributions

- International donors

- Training and consulting services

- Enterprises donations

Does RED provide tax invoices?