January 16, 2015


On the 14th and 15th January 2015 in Hanoi, RED Communication held the Consultative Conference on protection journalism operation, under the project "Cooperation in Communication to Improve Economic Policy". Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development of Canada.

The conference was attended by journalists from the Network of Journalism Protection operation Consultants, journalists and other local journalists from around the country. The conference was also attended by the representatives of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnam Journalist Association, the Inspectorate of the Department of Information and Communication of Quang Ngai Province, the representative of the professional training center for journalism - Press Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. - Canada-Trade-Development, UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank, Asian Foundation, British Embassy. International guests at the conference included representatives of the Indonesian Independent Press Alliance (AIJ), the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA).

Conference room view

In two days, three main contents were discussed at the meeting, including summarizing the situation of obstructing operation, assault journalists in 2015; Consultation on the Development Indicators Index; Contribute comments to the revised draft Press Law.

The diversity of participants in the conference has made the discussion atmosphere depth, straightforward, multi-dimensional. The issues raised have drawn opinions from a variety of perspectives, both on the methodological approach and the practical application.

The staff of RED Communication will continue to work to summarize the comments collected from the conference in the shortest time.

Some images from the conference:

Mr. Tran Nhat Minh - Director of RED - introduction to the program

Journalist Tran Quoc Hai (Thuan Hai) presented the report for the year 2015

Journalist Bui Hong Diep, who was beaten and hindered operation in Binh Phuoc share practical experience

Chief Inspector of the Quang Ngai Department of Culture and Information Hoang Duy read the speech "The protection of journalists in Quang Ngai"

Journalist Hoang Thien Nga share work experience

Mr. Eduardo Legaspi - Managing Director of SEA Newspaper Union - shared his views on the problem of obstructing operation

Arfi Bambani Amri, Secretary-General of the Indonesian Independent Press Alliance, shares the Indonesian way of doing things.

View/download conference materials and photos here.