May 19, 2015


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

RED Communication is looking for National individual consultant/Consultant team or Media company to conduct assignments within the frame of the project “Enhancement of CSOs Engagement with Media in Vietnam” funded by United Nation Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The objectives of these assignments are to increase the volume and effectiveness of Vietnamese CSOs’ engagement in media and communication, strenghthening the interaction between CSOs and media.

Assigments include:

-   Conducting 10 training courses  on expression skill for 250 CSOs’ spokepeople

-   Conducting 06 training courses on effective collection of information from CSOs for 250 journalists and 40 heads of editorial offices

-   Producing a documentary film

Details of these assignments and application instruction can be found in the TORs attached.

Interested and qualified candidates are kindly requested to submit a proposal in Vietnamese via email:

Deadline for submission: by 17.00 May 3rd , 2015.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in circulation among your colleagues and possible bidders.