August 11, 2014


Project title: “NGO-led initiative to enhance protection of journalists and promote media freedom in Vietnam” Partners: Human Rights and Democracy Fund – British Embassy Hanoi, Department of Information and Communications of Dak Lak province Budget: 125,000 £ (6 months) Base: The survey report related to journalistic practice obstruction (RED 2011) pointed out, basically, the Vietnamese legal documents in field of the protecting demonstration of the press is quite sufficient, however enforcement is poor, especially the stakeholders were ignored administrative tools. The reason is that the legal in this field located in the different documents, the access of the stakeholders have not fully, also different understanding leading to hard implementation or lack of consistent enforcement. In addition, the process to transfer to the society, the authorities including journalists on cognitive contents about acts as well as awareness of the law in the field of the press’s demonstration is still poor. Activities: -  Coordinated with Department of Information and Communications of Dak Lak province to produce and promulgate handbook Guiding administrative handling journalistic practice obstruction cases; -  Training for staff of Information and Communication department, policies, reporters, journalists and stakeholders in Dak Lak province to raise their awareness and consistent responses to the journalism obstructions; -  Producing and broadcasting documentary film “Initiative to support the demonstration of the press” to guide the stakeholders to administrative handling skills of the journalism obstructions; -  Through activities as organizing the workshop The Role of communication in socio-economic development, training Administrative handling skills of journalism obstructions, shared results from Dak Lak province to 6 pointed provinces and cities including Yen Bai, Hai Phong, Quang Binh, Khanh Hoa, Can Tho, Gia Lai with the participation of more than 20 neighboring provinces, with a total direct participants absorbing about 700 people; -  Organized a pilot training for the subjects Dak Lak law reporters, at the same time Department of Information and Communications of Dak Lak proposed Department of Justice applying contents Guiding administrative handling to journalistic practice obstruction on training plan of district’s political fostering central system to law reporters transfer this content on commune and village at all levels. Results: Besides the specific products of the project such as Handbook, Documentary, the project also obtained the following results: -  Dozens of news, articles on national and local mass media surrounding administrative handling to journalistic practice obstruction; -  The journalists, reporters and authorities shift from passive handling to proactive handling of the anti-press acts.