July 21, 2015


In the morning of June 20, in Hanoi, RED organized a consultation workshop on the Report on Behavioral Abuse Prevention in the period 2011-2015 with the participation of experts and journalists from the Department of Propaganda and Training, Association of Journalists, Press Department, UNESCO and reporters and journalists.

After the workshop had ended, the newspapers reported on the hot issues raised by the conference.

Infonet.vn quotes the data at the workshop, which is 96% of reporters, journalists responded to the survey (May 2016) said they had at least once blocked work, the number This year's survey is 88%. Remarkably, among the cases that prevented the operation took place in a year, an average of 30% of cases are entirely due to the fault of reporters, journalists.

Infonet quoted expert Nguyen Quang Dong as saying: "Recently there has been positive change in the Decree 159, which stipulates that the obstruction of reporters is handled in an aggravating circumstance, normal administrative handling as before. However, the number of cases covered by Decree 159 is not much in practice, and there is still a gap between legal and enforcement policies. "

Titled " What is the reason journalists are threatened and assault more and more nowadays?", The electronic newspaper of the Voice of Vietnam, Vov.vn wrote, there are many different causes, many cases of threats and the threats that affect to journalist was not handled carefully, as was the extensive information. This has negatively impacted on many aspects of journalistic work safety.

In addition, there is a legal risk in the course of the journalist's career in high risk areas (eg, investigation, internal affairs, or environmental resources). This risk comes from two sides. On the one hand, the reporters are not fully aware of the risks, lack of legal knowledge, and have not received adequate support from the whole. On the other hand, the hidden risks of reporters come from unclear legal environments, information-restricted areas, and the state of theft from government agencies.

Sharing opinion on Vietnam e-newspaper plus quoted Phan Huu Minh, head of the inspection committee of the Vietnam Journalists Association, said that abuse of power and use of information of the host agencies to corporate harassment and local agencies are creating inhibitions and become the cause of some journalistic violence. Noteworthy, a large part of the incident is caused by the operation not in accordance with the procedures and standards of the reporter.

Also related to the issue, the One World newspaper cited the reporter Thuan Hai, that in fact, journalists are tending to become "magistrate," "the judge," the social network has It is a suitable playground for ambitious journalists. But as a "messenger", if you want to express your personal views, journalists should include in the data selection, event sorting, or "expert" techniques.

Looking to the solution to the problem, the Business Times and Van Hoa Online Newspaper shared the opinions of experts at the workshop, saying that the state should recognize and adjust the press as an economic branch. and operate according to market principles. For the editorial office and training activities, it is necessary to standardize the operational process, focus on training safety skills for new reporters, establish a network of colleagues to protect colleagues ... Newspapers People’s Representative quoted Thuan Hai as saying that it was necessary to inspire journalists and journalists. Meanwhile, Van Hoa Online quoted Phan Huu Minh as saying that the Journalists Association will organize a campaign to contribute opinions on the establishment of a ministry regulating the ethics of Vietnamese journalists. It is both a guide to the operation and a measure of judgment.

Taking issue in another direction, Hai Quan Online Newspaper has the article "Newspapers in the circle of rice and money". According to expert Nguyen Quang Dong, Hai Quan Newspaper said, from around 2008 backwards, the market released almost exclusive advertising of the press. However, from 2008 until now, especially when the social networking boom, along with the introduction of smart devices, the behavior of the reader has changed a lot. Newspapers are no longer the only information channel. At the time, the main source of revenue was from advertising being shared. In the difficult situation, there appeared a section of the impersonation of the press, borrowing the press to intimidate the business. This situation is extremely severe, especially in localities.

In addition, many other news sites such as Ha Noi Moi, Construction Newspaper, Quang Binh Newspaper, Vietnam Inspectorate, Dong Thap Newspaper, Famous People, Public Commentary, Law & Society also cited the figures in the newspaper at the workshop and recommendations from participating experts.

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