August 5, 2015


Within the project “Media Partnerships for Improved Economic Policies”, on August 4th 2015, RED hosted a symposium named “Problems in draft Law on Statistics amendment bill”.

Law on Statistics is an important law. It is one of the key to plan the economic policies at the 10th conference of Congress XIII. RED invited a group of experts – Bui Trinh, Vu Sy Cuong, Huy Duc – to research, analyze the official draft Law on Statistics amendment bill.

At the symposium, our group of experts presented the result of the analysis, pointed out the problems which are: the independence of the statistical agency; the statistical agency is doing both jobs as a stats gatherer and stats analyst; non-governmental agencies.

60 guests appeared at the symposium, consisted of reporters, journalists, experts and public.

Mr. Hong Nhat Le, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Dang, Mr. Ngoc Anh Nguyen, Mrs. Bui Linh, Mr. Thinh Do, Mr. Tu Giang Hoang... also provides their points of view toward the law amendment draft. Most of them agreed with the problems pointed out in the result of the analysis.

Photos from the symposium:

Mr. Sy Cuong shared the analysis report of the group of experts RED invited

Around 60 persons attended

Mr. Hong Nhat provided his point of view on non-govermental statistical agency

Other experts and journalists gave their views on the problems

Mr. Huy Duc coordinated the symposium

Mr. Bui Trinh - a famous expert in the field - answered the questions