September 26, 2014


Partner: UNESCO Budget: $23,500 (10 months) Base: Vietnam each year recorded more than 30 cases of journalistic pratice obstruction. The cases are complicated and resulting in different consequences, mostly have not been thoroughly handling in accordance with the legal provisions. The RED’s research and activities in field of the protecting demonstration of the press affirmed the important role of prestigious journalists in promoting handling cases. Consulting several prestigious journalists showed that they are prepared to defend for their colleagues and there should be an effective mechanism to support each other. Activities: - Develop Steps to Support Colleagues Guidelines. - Invite prestigious journalists in local areas to join in the network. - Conduct a training workshop and media announcement for the network. - Contribute a website, hotline as information channels between the network, journalists and community. Result: A network of journalists to protect journalists with rules, effective support in handling anti-press acts.