September 4, 2016


Designed by Choai - Managing Editor at Đại Đoàn Kết Newspaper People who obstructed journalist often say they did not recognize the journalist, and thus thought they were competitors or scoundrels. Besides, many journalists, relevant authorities as well as the public do not fully grasp the Article 7 of Decree 159/2013 ND-CP of normative acts of obstructing journalism operation. This is an important document, a shield protecting operational rights of journalists and reporters. From this reality, RED proposed an initiative of designing gilet coats for journalists – named “159 waistcoats” - as a tool to identify journalists and reporters when practicing in hot spots. "159 waistcoast" is essentially a communication products to raise the awareness of the public and to enforce legal provisions on the protection of journalism. To ensure the legitimacy of the "159 waistcoast", we distribute it directly to press agencies, expected to be released in November 2016. "159 waistcoast" is the second collaboration between RED and UNESCO with the hope for better safety and efficiency operation of journalists. The first collaboration was in 2014 when RED and UNESCO created the Operational rights consulting Network, protecting journalists and journalism’s prestige on a national scale.