July 30, 2015


March 12, 2015 - Nearly 80 participants from the Goverment agency, organization for Social and journalists, reporters from the Press agency attended to the Launching ceremony of the project "Media Partnerships for Improved Economic Policies" held by RED.


With financial assistance from Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), the project "Media Partnerships for Improved Economic Policies" was signed on October 30, 2014 and carry out within 4 years. The project aims at promoting the citizen engagement in public policy in Vietnam.

After opening statement by Mr.Tran Nhat Minh - RED Director, Mr. David Devine - Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam and Mr. Ngo Van Minh - Parliamentarians said about the meaning and the purpose of the project.

 Mr. David Devine - Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam

Mr. Ngo Van Minh - Parliamentarians

Ceremony outlined the context of the ineffective interaction between Goverment agencies and citizens in advocacy communication. Besides, the participation of media and Society organizations in the process of developing and monitoring the policy implementation in Vietnam was different level.

According to Mr. Manh Quan - journalist, although relatively deep participated in the process of developing, monitoring the policy implementation, the press has not completely good roles. Evidence that, many documents, policies were not consistent with reality affter issued or not synchronized with other documents. The press just reflected after businesses, people and other organizations found out shortcomings.

 Mr. Manh Quan - Journalist

Then, Mr. Tran Nhat Minh detailed activities of the project and answer questions from the participants.

Mr.Tran Nhat Minh also expressed thanks to the sponsors of the project and Mr. David Devin. He welcome the cooperation and participation from stakeholders as Parliament, ministries, local, international organizations, social organizations in Vietnam, experts, media in the activities of the project.

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