March 31, 2012


The training course in Hanoi

Skills training for reporters and the workshop "Creating a working environment for journalists" in Vinh, Da Nang and Buon Ma Thuot (09-17 / 02/2012). Within the framework of the Project "Research - communication on media obstruction", on March 30th and 31st, RED organized a training course for a teacher on resources in Hanoi.

About 20 experts from the media management agencies, press agencies have shared skills such as research, the need for trainees assessment, lecture construct, training design, training on-demand communication, classroom organization, class placement, body language and other soft skills.

The training uses a combination of theory and practice in place, reviewing the basics intermingled with new knowledge, discussion, feedback throughout the course and adjusting the program closely to the requirements of students.

The program was co-chaired by Assoc. Prof. Vu Quang Hao, lecturer of Faculty of Journalism and Communication, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and journalist Phan Loi.

At the training, RED introduced its activities, requirements of the scientific research organization with research activities, training, and seminars; communication and media donor requirements.

Practitioners are excited about the new content and eager to cooperate with RED to apply, share expertise with colleagues and individuals and organizations in need.